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Atlas Legal Translation

Atlas Legal Translation is Dubai based translation provider established in 2002. We are a leading legal translation company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We are a long-standing company providing all sorts of professional translations in Dubai by native and professional translators

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We are an accredited for legal translation in Dubai and UAE by the Ministry of Justice, Foreign Embassies and Governmental Authorities in Dubai.

Our Team

Our skilled translators can translate any type of document including technical, medical, legal, commercial and general documents from and to most International Languages. Thanks to our highly qualified translators teams located in UAE and worldwide, we are able to offer diverse translations in multiple languages for all needs in UAE and worldwide

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Italian Trulli

Why Atlas Legal Translation?

If you are looking for a professional translation service, legal translator in Dubai, or if you require translation in legal, advertising, marketing, financial, media, or technical fields in Arabic and other major languages, then Atlas is the right destination for the following reasons:
⦁ Fast Turnaround & Quality Translation
⦁ Qualified Translators & Team of Professionals
⦁ Competitive Rates
⦁ Track Record with Prominent Clients

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Our Services

Legal Translation

Legal translation, like any other type of translation work, is the replacement of the source language with the target language.

Medical Translation

Medical translation requires precision and up-to-date technical knowledge by every member of your translation team.

IT/Software & Websites Translation

Software Localization is a translation of a software interface and messages to another language plus adaptation of some formats (e.g. measures, dates and currency) plus

Technical Translation

In general, technical translation is the translation of material dealing with scientific and technical subjects and the use of specialized terms

Marketing Translation

Our Commercial Translation Service deals with business correspondence and international marketing campaigns. It has been designed to supply our clients with professional linguists.

Financial Translation

Financial translation is a type of technical translation which involves the conversion of documents, statements, reports, and web .

Certificates Translation

Atlas Legal Translators are selected not only for their linguistic skills, but also for their technical expertise. Our team guarantees accurate & well-written translations of legal documents.

Driving Licenses Translation

A driving license is a piece of document, often in a card form, which denotes that you are qualified to drive a vehicle because you have passed a driving test.

Editing & Proofreading

Proofread documents play a crucial role in your Company’s success since you stake your professional reputation on the accuracy of the translated document.

Consecutive & Simultaneous Interpreting

We are highly experienced at facilitating meetings, and can provide a sensitive, precise and diplomatic interpreting service.

Business setup & Company Formation

The concept of general translation refers to the translation of non-specialized texts without terminological difficulties.